What Brings you Here?

If, when you sat down in my office,

I asked you to tell me your story,

you know, what brings you here…

What would you tell me?

Would you tell me the same story
you have been telling yourself
for as long as you can remember?

Would you give me a list
of your successes, your failures,
the places you have been
the people you have met?

Would you tell me
what you have been through
how good or bad
your parents were?

If I was really good
I would slip in the insightful question

at just the right moment

the one that takes you off script

and then watch what happens

a quickening of the pulse

in the vein in your neck

your gaze turning inward

clinging to an old wound

or to a hoped for future

But I’m not that good

and often my hands

are better listeners

than my ears

see more clearly

than my eyes

are definitely more patient

than my mind

What if I asked instead,
“Where are you going
that made you decide
to stop here…?”

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